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Thread: Road to Champion League - Join the NH "Ethic" and together, we WILL win derbies!

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    Road to Champion League - Join the NH "Ethic" and together, we WILL win derbies!

    After struggling to find a neighbourhood (NH) that actually has 15 to 30 active people I've decided to take my third attempt at building my own NH.

    *How to find NH*
    I am new to these forums and I only just created my NH, the name is "Ethic" and our dazzling symbol has an orange flower shaped border with a striped background and a blue Fox in the centre! My in game name is "Luddy", I am currently level 36 and my in game tag is #8JP8RRLCU so you can add me on hay day. I hope to meet you all there 😄

    Feel free to join if you are level 30 or above and understand that this NH takes derby seriously because we want everyone to gain as many rewards from the derby as possible

    *Bonus Story Time*
    Once I was in a great NH and earned many items such as screws, nuts, bolts and land expansion items etc but one day I left hay day temporarily and came back to find I had been kicked for inactivity... Understandably so. Now I foster this neighbourhood in hopes of fulfilling a wish that I may help others enjoy those same benefits from the derby as possible! We will be kind to each other and trade as much as you want, just make sure that we do our best in the derby and support each other 👍👍
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    Day 2

    I hope this works as a bump. I'm not sure how to do it properly/effectively

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