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Thread: My ideas for new troops/spells.

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    My ideas for new troops/spells.



    This troop has very little health and damage, similar to the witch, but she heals by taking health from the buildings and troops around her. She is a single target troop. She only heals in a small radius


    This troop doesn't do any damage, she has a bunch of potions in her arsenal which she can use on the battlefield these potions are

    Mini Lightning
    Mini Freeze
    Blindness Spell, this spell makes any defense which has a living creature on it (heroes, skeleton traps, archer towers) turn a blind eye to the troops for a small amount of time


    Powerstone Spell
    This spell is similar to a rage but instead of damage increase its rate of fire increase. Small Radius

    Destruction Sphere Spell
    This spell is a mix between the lightning and the poison spell

    Direction Spell
    This spell has an elongated radius where any troop inside goes from 1 end to another, directs the troops in a certain direction.

    Teleportation Spell
    I have 2 ideas for this spell
    1st: Any troop inside the radius teleports randomly inside the radius making it hard for any defenses to hit the troop, while the troop can hit the building with ease

    2nd: Creates 2 rings (1 exit, 1 entrance) where any troop inside the entrance goes to the exit. the exit MUST be outside in an area where you can place troops. You cant put it right at the town hall or eagle or something like that.

    Decoy Spell
    Similar to the clone spell, except these troops created by the spell are fake and don't actually do any damage or are affected by spells (except jump)

    Any Ideas you have, edits, or additions to my ideas please message me on discord: Casey#9148
    If any of these ideas are already an idea posted before me, I am sorry I did come up with these on my own.
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