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Thread: Need an active war clan

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    If you're still looking, consider Beer Pandas, lv12 (#Q9RJJR0). We're looking for non-rushed, th9s - th12s with well-developed war troops, who are eager to contribute in war, donations and/or clan games.

    We're a solid, active war clan that balances clan life with real life. That means we understand that people have families, significant others, jobs, studies, and can't be on all the time. We just ask you to be active and check in, when you can. That said, we have coverage across the globe and generous donors, so requests get filled, timely.

    We war twice a week - opt in, when you can...opt out, when you can't. If you're in, we expect you to make both attacks, according to our war plan. We win about 70%. When we don't, no tears...we just dust ourselves off and spin the wheel again.

    If you like clan games, as well as war, you'll love us. We've maxed EVERY clan game event...early, EVERY time.

    Come check us out and stay a while. Mention "Wayneman" or "SC forum" in your request

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