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Thread: Screen jumps when feeding pets

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    Screen jumps when feeding pets

    I've seen other users comment about this on Facebook. Are there any fixes in the works for that?

    What happens is whenever I feed my rabbits, horses, donkeys, dogs or cats, the screen will suddenly jump and slowly go back to the animal. In that time, I can't click on anything else or I'll mess up my fencing, etc. It really slows down the process not to mention it really messes with the eyes. (haha)

    Just want to make you aware of this continuing problem. It started after the most recent update.
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    It was added after the last update as annoying as it is, it's not a bug it is just a feature in the game. No idea if this will be changed though. Join the Discord to collaborate with helpful farmers and neighbourhood
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    I also find the jumping really annoying and it makes me feel a bit odd like car sickness ! It is stopping me feeding because it's so irritating!

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