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Thread: Is 0.5 engineering?

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    And I thought another thread on "is 0.5 engineering" (yes if by 0.5 you mean maxing old defence but no new big ticket defence items, maxing heroes, troops and spells) was a waste of time, then you people come along with:


    We clearly need an extension to Tank's FAQ that is a Clash War Sub Forum dictionary ...

    EDIT: I am not sure on the Clangineering, I read it as Clang-ineering, perhaps my software lean makes me read Clang, hmm, perhaps Clan-gineering solves it? But is it too late to change it ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by PapaTroll View Post
    Is it engineering to rush one account to TH12 to donate WW, and leave this account out of the war?
    Of course it is. Anyone whom doesn't feel the need for a bit of engineering/manipulating the system, is either very big, or very good. "Base Engineering" seems pretty futile with current MM, but there are always ways for the opportunist to get a leg up.

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