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Thread: Is 0.5 engineering?

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    Question Is 0.5 engineering?

    Can anyone quote someone (a moderator/Darian) saying "0.5 is engineering"?

    I tried searching, but couldn't find anything.

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    To the matchmaking algorithm it is.

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    dont have the quote you were looking for...probably there isn't any.

    interpreting SC's latest rule of building all buildings before moving to next townhall...I guess you are to be considered an "engineer" if you dont have defenses from previous townhall and offense of next townhall.

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    They won't say it......but everyone is going based off of war matching. In war matching they are treating .5 like engineering....rather than the most normal way to upgrade (doing cheaper defenses they are strong enough to defend while you build the more expensive defenses).

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    Quote Originally Posted by HalfBloodPrince View Post
    Can anyone quote someone (a moderator/Darian) saying "0.5 is engineering"?

    I tried searching, but couldn't find anything.
    Why does it matter? What Darian has said indicates that SC consider offence lopsiding (at least one kind of) engineering. Whether or not that describes 0.5 to any great extent likely depends on what exactly you are calling a “0.5” there in terms of how developed the offence is relative to the defence.
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    In my option, not SC, .5 was the start of the engineering. It was the way to start messing with the war system to take advantage. Now for example a TH10 (9.5) without infernos, but with max out defenses might be matched with a lower TH10, but a TH10(9.5) with TH7 or 8 defenses) might be matched with a TH9 or lower. If the .5 have max out TH level troops it can be and advantage in the war at some extent. Now as of engineering bases like 1 cannon defense base with high heroes and troops is were the problem got worst.

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    Your poor builder has to upgrade high explosive materials with a freaking hammer.​ Let him take his time.

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    As soon as you build your base with the war weight in your mind, you are engineering, so most war players do.

    Example 1:
    Dropping the new Inferno's as soon as you reach TH10 is seen as bad practice for war weight, as you are basically still a 9 but placing the defenses of a 10. So what you do is start upgrading at least one war army, before starting the IT's.

    Example 2:
    Not upgrading any defense neither placing the new ones, but start upgrading war troops only.

    Example 1 is engineering, but an acceptable form. After all, you are trying to match with equal bases.
    Example 2 is engineering in an unacceptable form. You are trying to get an advantage so you get matched by lower town halls that you can crush easy.

    So if you are asking the question in order to be safe from any measures taken against lopsided bases: Just think about why you are doing what you do. As soon as the answer is: to get an unfair advantage, do not do it. No Darian needed for that.

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    The short answer is YES.

    It is typically a strategy used by War community to mitigate War Weights in order to help with matchmaking. (this is the underlying reason folks do it: and thus it is a form of engineering).

    there is a ton more to say, and much more depth to the answer. but Ill stop with a simple YES, .5 IS Engineering.

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    Yes, it is, regardless what some forum users will say. ANY build style with the war algorithm in mind is engineering.

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    This is nuts, no one angrily defending the honor of the Sensible Upgrade Path?

    OP as has everyone says above, SC doesn't define engineering that's a forum term. And in the forum, the maxxers consider .5 engineering (outside of a very short term thing), the engineers consider .5s engineering. The only holdouts have been the closet engineers, who run .5s but think there's something morally wrong with engineering. So they furiously tie themselves up in argumentative knots to avoid the label. Looks like there are none of them left, maybe they all went th12.
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