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Thread: iOS account showing Blocked account

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    iOS account showing Blocked account

    Hi, I bought iOS device and I want to link my account from Android to my iOS device but is showing that my account is blocked on iOS. but I can still play on my Android phone.

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    Blocked? Or Banned? Did you buy the device new?

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    This is my guess as to what may be happening ...

    Did you previously, sometime in the past, use the old Link option to connect iOS to Android, or visa versa? If so, that link was a one time option, the accounts can not be relinked ever again. If it was already linked to, or from, iOS some point in the past, then all you have to do is login to Game Center using the same account as prior.

    Or, just define a Supercell ID for the Android base. Then, connect to the game from the iOS with the same ID. With Supercell ID, the old link feature is no longer necessary when transferring across platforms.

    What would help us in order to help you! .....

    1) Which exact game are you referring to? That will allow the Moderators to move this thread to the correct location so that more players of that game who may of had simular issues can help you.

    2) Explain exactly what you are trying to do, how you are doing it (exact steps) and when, in those steps the "Blocked" message appears. "Link" means to me the old Link feature which was removed, so I doubt that is what you are trying, and hence need a more explicit description.
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    Sorry, I'm referring to Banned on Clash of Clans game. I also reset the iPhone but still showing that my account is Banned. but I can still play on my android device.

    I bought new device.
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