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Thread: Ratio of Lurkers to Members?

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    Ratio of Lurkers to Members?

    It's a slow day in the ForumTalk subforum, so I looked at the current index which states that "There are currently 14644 users online. 89 members and 14555 guests."

    So less than 1% of us reading this post has created a forum account?

    EDIT: Current Helsinki time is 11:32AM on July 12, 2018.
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    I've noticed that usually in the past if there wasn't an update about to come for any of the supercell games, the forum would typically have about 6000 guests and 100 members, so only 1.6% of readers are actually members, so right now is actually a pretty typical ratio for the guests to members. Most people actually view these forums just for info about ingame updates and create accounts either because a problem happened to them (they lost their account, they accidentally promoted a random person to leader of their clan, etc) or they want to advertise their clan/task force/neighbourhood) so we can assume around only 1 in 100 people who view these forums create an account.

    Whas strange is that over 12,000 people are currently viewing the CoC subforum, and most of the traffic there recently was due to the th12 update. However, that update occurred almost a month ago so the reason for the high number of viewers puzzles me.

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    Some of those guests could be members who just haven't bothered to log in since they are just reading and not replying....

    Another example is my iPhone is never logged into the forum so when I view from that device it would appear as if I were just a guest....

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    Makes sense to me. I lurk on a number of forums that relate to others games I enjoy, or hobbies I have, but I only post on like... one
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    Could also be search engine bots reading the threads as well. Not sure how often/many there would be though.
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