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    What's the point with all the "false advertising" in the game?

    So, first a disclaimer: By "false advertising", I'm not talking about commercial advertising. I'm referring to the game offering you some set of rewards, except you practically never get those rewards. Most prominent cases of this is the Misery Catalogue and the Movie Ticket.

    I must say that after all these years, I'm completely baffled by nothing ever being done by the Misery Catalogue mechanism. Imo. this feature is completely absurd in its design. So you collect vouchers, pay them to "buy" a package which promises to offer you either item A or item B or an unknown item, and then in (and I'm being generous here) more than 95 % of the cases, you'll get the unknown item which is generally completely useless and something you can buy for 100 gold in the store. Case of point: Only the gods know how many time I've tried to order a decoration path and instead got the Lupines. I mean really, the Lupines every bloody time?

    Now I understand that they don't want to hand the BRT out to everybody at week 1, and that's fine (and yes, I am somewhat salty about not having gotten one after 6 years of playing, but then again, I don't want it that badly, or I'd just have bought it for gold). But if they want it to be a complete lottery - and that's legitimate - then at least inform us about it. I really appreciate the new feature, where you can click on the (?) on the red boxes and sea chests and actually see the percentual distribution of the different items. Instead of showing a big picture of some nice decoration item in the Misery Catalogue, show us the actual possible contents and their individual probability. And it would be really nice to offer some variation, so that we don't get the stupid Lupines every time.

    The same goes for the movie ticket. What's the point in showing some items we can get, when 95 % of the times or more, those are not actually the items we get? I mean I'm not really complaining, because the movie ticket is mana from heaven, I just don't see the point in showing us some rewards when it seems completely random. They can just say a random reward, and we'll click it anyway.
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    A very good question! I could not have said this any better myself, you may have read my mind. I too have been playing since 2012 when Hayday was in it’s infancy and this nonsense has driven me nutz. At least the instruments have finally gone! The wheel of misfortune is another example though the diamond grab is obviously the point here. With the many new decorations available, I would love to see the old time worn items retired. Put them in the store for those that may want them. My apologies but I have managed two BRTs in my 6 years. The misery catalog is a complete joke and has gotten worse in my opinion. I truly believe that frustration has caused many players to move on to other games. The lag between the introduction of new unobtainable items throughout the game has worn thin. Now I remember why I left and I’m a bit disenchanted once again after only a few months.

    I am in a much reduced neighborhood due to players tiring of the game and I too quit for well over a year and a half. I’ve only recently started playing again and seeing the many decorations available to ONLY derby players really sets me off! I’ve purchased diamond packages many times, even have hundreds of them now but I cannot purchase these newer items. This was a issue for me long ago, having a lot of diamonds yet having to buy hundred more in a package deal to acquire the new items.

    I laugh every time the permits are added to the wheel of misfortune, the puzzle pieces added to boats! I given up on permits and the sanctuary will be ignored for the most part. Talk about false advertising! Oh boy you’ve really got me going first thing this morning! Thanks for the rant.

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    Puzzle pieces on boats are NOT false advertising. You fill the boat, you get the piece.

    Now the WOF prizes... That's a whole different story

    Other than that, I'm literally not *at all* concerned with "false advertising" as you call it. You've got me wondering why it's there, but I don't mind.
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    I've always thought they are just examples of what you could get but the actual prize is random. I've never gotten the BRT either. I've said before that it seems like getting some of the top prizes from the catalogue seems a bit too difficult. Shouldn't be easy like you said of course. They have also put them in the store to be bought with gold later so that's nice. I don't look at it the same way you do. It's just a random extra thing you get.

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    There are probabilities - if you click on the parcel itself there's the probability button on the upper left side it gives you a list exactly like the toolbox does

    I've never been too focused on the mystery packages, I completely forget they exist until I accidentally click on the mailbox or something so I just see the items as a nice little bonus, but I do see what you mean about false advertising, because there's only really a 10% chance of getting the item that's displayed which is a bit misleading

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuteness View Post
    There are probabilities - if you click on the parcel itself there's the probability button on the upper left side it gives you a list exactly like the toolbox does
    Whoa! Never saw that before!!! Very cool, thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KookyLibrarian View Post
    Whoa! Never saw that before!!! Very cool, thanks.
    Thanks Kooky - over 4 years of playing and I never knew that - you learn something every day!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sooty123 View Post
    Thanks Kooky - over 4 years of playing and I never knew that - you learn something every day!
    Don't beat yourself up Sooty - it was introduced only recently.

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    I had not noticed this either😂

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    I dont even hold my breath for mystery prizes anymore. I learned long ago it’s not going to happen. With the exception of getting a harp almost every package for the longest time, I rarely get anything but birdhouses or those purple flower things.

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