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    Quote Originally Posted by ProwlerGuy View Post
    I can help with this. Apparently, he believes that it is impossible to actually get a perfect red statue. He's started a thread on this topic, and is absolutely convinced of this "fact". He even dropped ER because he couldn't get a good enough TH, and he believes that SC has done this (cue the spooky organ music) in order to cause more casualties and thus make more money.

    He also is fond of throwing around derogatory terms for those who don't play the game according to his desires. So he's totally legit!!
    Ok gotcha.

    Well to comment on the impossibility of it, I have crushed several 35% TH MP's and I roll and crush a 14% TH guardian at least once every couple weeks. I have perfect TD on a couple accounts as well. (I don't play with TH is why I crush them often)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chauc View Post
    Are you trying to push VP for the Leaderboard? Otherwise, why do you care about getting raided?
    After 4 years, have you considered trying a different approach to the game?
    I would assume you have done much on Ops with that statue loadout.
    That was my first base and I have 2 more. One base uses mostly Troop Damage and GBE cause I couldn't bare to give up all my Perfect statues, 2 perfect Ice Masterpieces, 4 perfect Ice Guardians, 2 Perfect Magma Masterpieces, 1 perfect GBE Masterpiece and 1 perfect GBE Guardian, who'd wanna give up a base with all the best statues? The other uses mostly Troop health and a few GBE cause it is my "Bullit Base" that uses Bullits Elixir cause it's % bases on his HP.
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