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Thread: SteelCityFarm - New Clan looking for clan mates to war and participate in Clan Games

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    SteelCityFarm - Clan looking for clan mates to war and participate in Clan Games

    Steelcityfarm ID # 20VP2UGRC

    We are a level 9 clan recruiting active members to participate in wars and clan games. We are looking for members townhall 6 and up. We offer assistance in developing your base, attacking in war and participating in clan games. We have high level donations for your clan castles and encourage clan talk. Our clan achieves maximum rewards in clan games and wins our fair share of Wars but our main focus is village and player development, not winning every war.

    We have only a few rules:

    1. We are an English only clan. You must be able to communicate intelligably in English
    2. You must participate in clan games
    3. You must use both attacks in War and always fill your clan castle before attacking
    4. Donate only what is asked for clan castle
    5. Be courteous to clan members. No foul language or abusive language.

    The clan provides a relaxed environment and offers assistance in planning attacks. There is no pressure to 3 star war attacks but we do want you to learn and improve so that your clash experience is fun.

    Check us out and come grow with us.

    SteelcityfarmID # 20VP2UGRC

    If you are an active member that can make a positive contribution to the clan we would love to have you. Please mention this forum posting in your join request. All join requests must be made in English or it will be rejected.
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    Clan | Steelcityfarm |ID # 20VP2UGRC

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    Clan games are coming up. Come join and share in the rewards.

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    Less than 2 days until clan games. Join our clan and help us get max rewards. Bring all th6 and higher villages. Come for the games stay for the wars.

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    Clan games starts in a few hours. Come compete in the games and collect rewards. If you are Th6 or above come check us out.

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    We are at tier 3 in the clan games after 1 day. Come join our clan and share in the rewards. Do one challenge or many. Stay in the clan in you want. We have high level troops for your clan castle.

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    Clan is now open to anyone who wants to compete in the clan games. No invite required. Share in the rewards.

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    We have reached tier 4 in the clan games (20k) and our members are all maxed. So we have opened up the clan to allow people in who wish to participate in the games. To be eligible for rewards you must successfully complete at least one challenge. Please drop by and complete one or more challenges.

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    We are an English only clan.

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    Daily bump

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    Daily bump.

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