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Thread: Grand Warden should be able to switch air/ground when he is recovering

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    Red face Grand Warden should be able to switch air/ground when he is recovering

    Right now the user cannot switch grand warden status when he is recovering. This is okay but it would be better that the user can switch his status when he is recovering.

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    True, I see no harm having that option when he's down.
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    This, and also an ability to toggle him prior to an attack. If you can switch between siege machines and normal clan castle deployment, then why not add an option for people to toggle their warden?

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    So do BK and AQ, to toggle between sleep and guard while healing.

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    This would be a welcome QOL change. It has been brought up many times before and I donít know why it hasnít been addressed yet

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    This is a brilliant idea, grandwarden should be able to change from air to ground even while it's recovering, alot of people forget to change it after the warden heals and it can prove disaster if you switch from air attack to ground, again this is a great idea

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    agreed, and same goes for all heroes... to toggle between guard and sleep. I was ready to attack, but villagers needed a break, so I switched layout and little did I know that guard / sleep options can be different for each layout. So, when I got attacked, my queen was down for count, while BK and GW was sleeping and are ready to go. And now I can't fix the AQ, (or worse, continue playing) until she regenerates.

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    Yes! This, and the ability to switch between air/ground during the 30 seconds per-battle scouting. Also make the feather air mode indicator more noticeable.

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