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Thread: Derby Task - Tomato Harvest

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    Derby Task - Tomato Harvest

    Hi, I have a confusing issue in regards to a tomato harvest task I took this morning. Before I took the task, it was harvest 320 tomatoes, but once I had taken the task it has shown up on my active task list as make and collect 17 grilled tomatoes.

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    Oh that is an odd one? Are you sure it wasn't 17 grilled tomatoes for 320 points and you just misread it before you chose it?

    I've never heard of a task changing after you pick it, because as far as I am aware of making 17 roasted tomatoes is 320 points and the most you would ever need to harvest for a tomato task is close to 300 but I don't think I have seen one where you would have to harvest over that.

    I am of course open to correction on this one though.
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    Was definitely harvest tomatoes for 320 points, whether I got the number mixed up I'm unsure. Icon was the tomato icon prior to taking the task, then changed to grilled tomatoes in the active task list. I had a pumpkin harvest task active when it first appeared in my task list, so I had begun planting tomatoes in preparation.

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