Why is the world are all the townies separated by what stage they are in, in the ALL tab!!??? There is a separate tab for each stage the townie goes through so how much sense does it make to separate them in the all tab!!?? Can't you make it an option to group them all together at least under the ALL tab!!?? I kinda like that you can separate them by what building they are in, etc. But in the ALL tab there should be an option to group them all together (like it was b4) no matter if they're waiting for their order, order completed, so on and so on. Do ya understand!? Changing them to be mixed up in the ALL tab was the most ridiculous thing to do, seriously this bothers me bad, I have a horrible memory and I can't keep track of how many of who I have BECAUSE THEYRE ALL MIXED UP!!! If they're gonna be all mixed up by what stage they're in then what's the point of having all the other tabs!!?? And 1 more thing, FIX THE ISSUE WITH THE NEWSPAPER NOT SHOWING THERE IS A PERSON THAT NEEDS HELP!!! The little notification, the ! Showing the person needs help, is not there, unless you click on any random person and click back out then it will show if the !, and its getting worse to having to do that almost every time!! REAL ANNOYING!!!