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Thread: First war as th12 what cc troops

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    First war as th12 what cc troops

    This is my first war at th12, my cc is maxed. Question is what do i use in cc. The enemy th 12 has max bowlers and healer, so I'm assuming a qw bowler raid. My initial thought was 3 witches, for a bunch of skeletons to distract. Also 2 max dragons sounds apealing too. Any thoughts? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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    Minions/valks seem popular. I do double dragons now with 40 space, seems to work very well, especially for people who don't bring poison.
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    I'll have my first war with 40 space too.
    Going to try 2 dragons this time, 3 witch & 1 Wiz, Hound & Baby, 3 Valks & 8 Minions the next couple wars and see which one looks most promising.

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    Thanks, I used 2 dragons. It held up well. First attack was Minors not max, 53% 2 star, second the th12 boosted their troops and did a Laloon attack. 54% 2star.

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