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    Quote Originally Posted by Clash12344321 View Post
    Choose a custom title:
    - Ugly, fat, eye-popping chicken
    - I'm a Pig
    - Donkey Monkey
    Donkey Monkey because it's closest to the forum title, "It's on like Donkey Kong".

    Did you expect me here?
    The first time yes, the second time no.

    Would you eat soup with sauce for 30$?
    No, I'd eat it for free.

    What's your TH level in CoC?
    TH9 grinding my walls and then it's on to TH10.

    What's you favourite army composition in CoC?
    Dragons, dragons, dragons, dragons, dragons,dragons, dragons, dragons, dragons, dragons.

    I started my QMT last Wednesday so it's time for me to wrap it up. Thank you everyone for the fascinating questions and supporting the HD OT subforum.

    The plane has arrived so I hope you've enjoyed your time on Forum Island. Have a pleasant trip home.
    Tattoo, please escort our guests to the plane if they want to ask more questions.
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    Thanks Lynn K; it's been great.

    As you called this QMT "season 1" let's hope that another one comes along in the future!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cowslips View Post
    Thanks Lynn K; it's been great.

    As you called this QMT "season 1" let's hope that another one comes along in the future!
    It will

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