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Thread: Timer for claimed target in clan war

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    Timer for claimed target in clan war

    Hi dev can you please put timer (3-4 hrs max) to claimed target and during this time please make sure no one can touch the claimed target , in short unattackable to other players
    Thanks a lot !!

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    Wrong forum section... and terrible idea

    Imagine someone claiming an unattacked target one hour before end of war, and that person gets whatever sort of IRL problem at the same time, and plenty of remaining attacks for other players in your clan.. you would surely be mad that no one could attack that virgin base, wouldn't you ?

    This kind of rule is pure management and communication within your clan.
    If someone "steals" targets repetitively, kick him.

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    No need of that feature. Claiming target is enough. Set alarm on your phone. It's easy.

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    Look to the left --->
    A few clan members who like to troll others and donít really care about war would claim bases just to stop others from attacking the base. If you really want to attack a base, write a note next to the base
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