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Thread: Are you looking for your forever 🏡 hood?

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    Are you looking for your forever 🏡 hood?

    We are looking for members level 95 + to join a well established hood- our hood Name is UFFTA MiNNESOTA with the Purple Heart and purple chicken symbol our Tag#22G8Y80- we are Champions League- but we don’t require Derby. If you do play derby- 9 tasks are at a 310 average is required. English is required. We are an international hood, but over half of us are from Minnesota. Come check us out!!
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    Hi, this is an unusual request. I am level 96 and in a very good neighborhood. I trade a lot of good stuff through my stall, sushi , expansion materials,Upper level stuff from the machines. I am looking for people who want to be friends so we can trade good stuff on Hay Day. Let me know if you were interested and I can send you my tag number or you can send me yours. I believe in filling my stock at least three times a day.

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