hi i need a friendly helpful neighborhood im a derby player i play 320x9 and i dont do the 10th task also if you're gonna copy paste then chances are most likely i wont join your hood if you're gonna reply and want me to join at least read the entire thing and let me know pls

what i look for in a hood?

has to be chatty, friendly, respectful, humor, UNDERSTANDING AND LOYAL.

has to be derby focus but not AGGRESSIVELY SERIOUS.

has to be helpful and work like team who also likes to share bems lems and sems cos if any of the member need some i'd be glad to share and i expect the same

helps with derby, even tho i always stock enough and complete whatever task i take but sometimes if i have one task left to do and theres only a 320 task and no other and i cant do it id appreciate the hood help or need revives cos i always save mine for the hood (would love to join a champions legue or expert league)

i love to donate too if i see i have the item i donate them and whenever i do sell i'd sell to my hood first

doesn't kick me out if i ever need to opt out for personal reason or if i wanna work on my farm and don't wanna do derby (even tho MOST of the time i play derby like 90% of the time) i'd still help with derby to other hoodies

a selfless hoodie who are not selfish to help or donate with whatever is needed or help the lower levels

and i'm also 18yrs old so if any adult hood wants me to join

so if you think your hood is like this then let me know i'll gladly join and i'm gonn join once this derby is over so do have a spot for me or if you wanna talk further about this kindly pm here or kik me: haydaytrady