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Thread: Mine/Collector/Drill sniping with AQ at Th9

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    Mine/Collector/Drill sniping with AQ at Th9

    There's something I've been doing lately and I've wondered if anyone else has tried this before or if this has been posted here before. As a TH8, I'm usually low on elixir since all of the elixir I get goes into troops and Barracks upgrades, so I've dropped to Silver/Gold in order to try something new. Usually in this trophy range, there are a lot of dead bases with unloaded X-bows and fun mines, collectors and drills.

    So, while my troops are training, I usually take my AQ on random raids where I drop her next to some collectors that are out of range of any defenses. She usually can snipe 2-3 collectors before she gets in range of an archer tower (after which i end the battle). This usually gets me 80-120k loot per battle (gold or elixir) every time I do it, and the battles only take thirty seconds at most. Additionally, the Archer Queen costs nothing to train and this can be done again immediately after one attack is done. In my league, it only takes a couple "Next" button clicks before finding a suitable base, a process which takes only a few seconds as well.

    Attacking with the trained army makes up for the lost trophy count, and this places me back in the general trophy range where most dead bases are found.

    I think it's a decent strategy because it's quick and free, and gets you a lot of loot very quickly. Is anyone else doing this or has done it in the past? All feedback is welcome.
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    It's definitely a decent strategy.
    As a TH12, I have done this with AQ and GW together when I am dropping trophies to stay on preferred normal trophy range. I practiced this every 3-4 days when my trophy is 200-300 above what I preferred. I did so against bases with one fourth of their collectors filled, normally I will get some X ten thousands of loot. Of course I will still raid dead base since it is dead base.

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    People have been doing it for years. So, yeah!
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    As a TH10, I prefer being in Crystal 3 for loot, so if I go too high, I'll drop trophies while dropping my queen and sniping the resources. When it comes to DE, I've gotten so much from doing this.

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    This is very common and many people use this including myself. I do this every time to maintain my trophy count around 3k whenever I get too many trophies. Though I use combination of warden with AQ. First drop AQ, it stays out of range of defences and breaks some collector. When comes in range, make her disappear, gets you some more time, when it's about to re-appear, drop GW around her with ability to protect for some more time. It costs you nothing and gets much time without any damage.

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    Pretty common thing to do when troops are training, but something not so common is a TH8 having a Archer Queen!
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