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    Quote Originally Posted by sierramike View Post
    So why do you put everyone at co-leaders? Only the leader can kick them out then. We put people at elders until they prove themselves. As elder they can trash, but they can also be disciplined or kicked by any of the co-leaders until they have proven themselves over a period of time.
    We are a very small neighborhood, and want everyone to feel equal. Everyone can trash as elders, so why not make them co-leader?. What discipline are you referring to?
    As Leader, why would I not want to have control of who can be kicked?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fifio View Post
    I find it odd to blame lower level, it could have been completed or anyone could have trashed it.
    Communication is vital if you want a task then use the message system to alert rest of hood.
    I get what you are saying, but I did state that I only said to delete DUPLICATE tasks that the lower level farms couldn't I didn't feel a need to say that I was prepping for a task since there should have still been one on the board.

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