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    Spam in forum!

    Hello, all!
    I know that this thread is not very important. But I just want something. Can SC do anything to prevent spam? Yes, so far SC cleans spam 30 minutes after spam. And SC must have also blocked the account. However I very often see this spam. Can SC apply a particular word filter, so that when a thread contains the word, it will be closed. The words I often see in spam are "molvi ji", "baba ji", "love problem", "black magic". So, if in a thread there is a word, then the thread will automatically be deleted, without waiting for the moderator. Because so far, SC still needs time to remove the thread, even after it is reported. And I am very lazy to see such spam!

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    Can I tell you now as you turn to go...
    The spam is already filtered so what you see is actually only a small part of a larger problem.

    The best thing you can do is report the spam and then try to ignore it pending it's deletion.
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