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Thread: We the only one struggling to find a war ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by samratulangi View Post
    Lol, so true, Engineers need a real education and expertise to be able to do the engineering works, so they r the fake one with pathetic attemp to do it
    Oh please stop and get over yourselves already. 99% of the engineers are just copy cats having more time on their hands then casuals. And btw, this is quite normal, of course people will do what works. It is all about how much time a person has on their hands. Please do not pretend engineers are some kind of smarter people. Yeah sure the 6M kind are, but they are very very rare.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prutser View Post
    Yeah sure the 6M kind are, but they are very very rare.
    I would put Sam much closer to 6M than the copy cats ...

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    My clan just found a war matchup in less than a minute.

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