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As a clan who drops defences earlier than most (I'm guessing), I would atleast do camps, cc and your main war troop plus lvl 5 warden before dropping eagle, we actually had a guy who dropped eagle and booked it within seconds of turning th11, we warred him for a while but he had nothing to give him an advantage of hitting th10's, not to mention the fact we were now seeing an extra 11, had to give up on him in the end.

I also think clans that have a few people move up town halls together can struggle while they get used to the new content. We've always done well when everyone in war has been settled at their levels for a few months, but historically as soon a few move up within a few weeks of each other we normally see more losses than normal, I see you say you have 2 out of 3 Th11's are brand new and 1 new Th10 in a 10 man war, so that's a third of your roster.

Were in the same position with our 11's being brand new - Honestly I don't really know how the MM should match them, they shouldn't really pull their old town hall level which in turn means while they get settled and start upgrading defences they will probably be out matched by slightly heavier bases for a while.
I agree with this in most part. Being at new hall, is a tricky situation, especially with a main account.
I cant see the good in making EA first drop. High weight, will almost certainly pull in an 11, and if they target the eagle, then its all for nothing.
I struggle to accept that the MMA will have done a complete 180. It may be working differently to brfore, but camps, spells, and lab are your future. Can think about dropping extra defence, more so, if its an anchor base, but a big jump on a single item doesn't add up for me, until the level starts taking shape.
And I still feel the warden, albeit a massive offence aid, can bring in more trouble than it solves, unless the roster allows for it, or is held back until the base is ready to receive one in return, from the oppo side.