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Thread: Playground Equipment

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    Playground Equipment

    They should add swingsets, slides, and jungle gyms. The recent release of the Roundabout decoration got me thinking that we should be able to purchase playground equipment.
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    I’d love this. I’ve set up a little playground area with my slides, roundabout, springers, picnic blanket and paddling pool - it would be so nice to Add to it
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    me too! love the playground theme! however, it seems hay day has stopped giving away the playground deco as the shoehorses rewards? or is it just me? i didn’t get any item in the last two derby. none in my prizes for this week either. hay day, please bring them

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    I love this, I even have a nice ol spot for it on my farm picked out! Join the Discord to collaborate with helpful farmers and neighbourhood
    Everyone is welcome and we will be more than happy to have you!

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    Hello! Does anybody have any information if SC is still giving away playground decos? Iíve been eyeing on the piggy see-saw and the wooden car springer and plans to set-up a nice playground in one of my farm areas. Since i lack some of it, i couldnt fulfill making a nice, cute upgrade on my farm. 🙁

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    Agreed. I'd love to buy the playground equipment in the store.

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