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Thread: 2 100+ players looking for serious hood

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    Hi there! You are very welcome to come and join us. We are a new group so hoping to grow and get to champ league. Be great to have keen derby players and , even better if chatty too lol.
    We are LILLES. Maybe see u there. Babs

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    Whosville Acres is looking for two active members to join our neighborhood. We are an established group with active players that participate in derby and help with expansion. We ask that you do 9 tasks x 310 if you are in derby or a total of 2790 points. Derby is not mandatory but you must opt out if you do not wish to participate. The 10th task is not required. Members need to be active in chat, friendly and helpful. Level 60 is required. We are an International English speaking group. Members are made Elders. We have 47 gold trophies and are in Champion League. Come stop by for a visit. 2VOVV8C2
    Level 137
    Tag PV2PLJUL

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    We are a small hood of higher level players and some baby farms... hardcore... we do only 320/400 tasks and are very town-oriented...that’s why we like baby farms, to release townies. Would love to have you. We are “Land of the Derby”. Green Horse Pink Shield. #8RRUG0QU. All members promoted to Co-leader pretty much immediately. See our ad under Neighborhood Recruitment. Hope you will come join us.

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    Wildflower Farm is looking to add new farmers. #8VPRPGVP

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    If you are still looking you should consider us at The old police house.

    We are long time players with our hood together for years, but we had to say goodbye to a couple of members who don’t play anymore and we would be happy to welcome the 2 of you to our - now small - group.
    We work really well together, are in champions league, do 10x320 tasks (400 in special derbies) and go for gold.

    All adult players, around or above level 100 (plus 2 support farms). We are a helpful and friendly bunch, come and check us out!

    Neighbourhood name: The old police house
    Tag: #CVURURO

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    We are Wildflower Farms. #8VPRPGVP Recently, we had a restructuring of leadership and a shift from 30 members to 20. Our goal is to build a high performance team and win, place or show in the Champions League and have loads of fun while doing so. We are an international group. We ask you speak English but you are welcome to speak in other languages as well. You should be level 70 in order to fully participate. Elder status is awarded quickly so that full participation can be realized. We welcome you to our neighborhood.

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    If you haven't found a new NH, we at Nutty Helpers Neighborhood (#2CG90GGG) are looking for serious Derby players to help us win 1st place each week. Championship League, you must be able to apply and chat with us in English, level 60+ required to join. 10 task completion is mandatory. We love to help each other. Check us out! New members should post a "check in" and respond to welcome messages after acceptance stating that you agree with the rules.

    We are friendly and we like to have fun. Sometimes we are very chatty. Other times it is quiet.
    Drama or disrespect will not be tolerated. Life is stressful enough!

    We do 320 tasks only in a regular derby and 400 tasks only in all others. We understand that "Real Life Happens" or sometimes you need a break. Please opt out if you won't have time to devote in a derby. If you decide not to stay in our Hood, (can't imagine why you wouldn't want to stay), please don't leave during the derby. Be courteous and leave after the derby ends. We'd appreciate that...

    Thanks for considering us as your new NH!

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    hey there if you’re still looking for a hood then come over and join the hood i’m in called happiness spot. It’s an old hood of 4 years with the most generous, friendly, kind and helpful people and an adult hood. there are currently 25 players most of them are level 100+ above. we help with anything, wether its for task or upgrading your storage. whatever you need just ask in the chat whenever someone is on they’ll help u. request whatever u want and donate whatever u like. we play derby we are not too serious but our aim is to be in top 3 and we do task max point 320/400 we currently have 67 gold trophies and in the champions league. No trashing task limit trash as many as you like. you’ll be promoted as an elder once you join. Although we do hope you play derby with us and when you play do 9/320 and if you think you cant do it then do opt out. 10th task is not necessarily unless you want to do it then its up to you. some of the players do the extra task some dont. we expect you to be helpful, generous, and say thank u when someone helps you or donates to u. we chat but the chat is mostly filled with “thank you” “do you need anything?” If you think this hood fits you then do pm here since its an invite based hood we don’t randomly let anyone in.

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