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Thread: Lava storms # crvp90j2

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    Lava storms # crvp90j2

    Leading your team to victory, how can I do that we keep getting paired with higher clan's! The current war were in is lvl 12 and we're a lvl 5, I know the other clan is happy they cleaned up with us. I am the highest the in our clan at lvl 10 yet was paired with a almost maxed lvl 11 how is that fair. We keep getting paired with clan lvl higher than us

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    First, clan level is not taken into account for the matchmaker as far as I know. Being a level 5 clan you're not losing but one level of troops possibly to the level 12 clan, so that's not the reason for your bad war matchups.

    I posted comments in your clan's chat. You have a TH10 sitting below a TH9 at spot 3 and a TH11 sitting at spot 5 in war. THe TH10 cannot possibly be supporting his war weight due to his low troop and heroes. Lastly the range of THs is very wide. You have TH11 all the way down to TH3.

    I would suggest you drop the TH 10 and TH11 from your lineup, and tighten up the base range you're bringing to war. Based on your current opponent's top bases it looks like they're just out engineering you.

    Last war vs ReP# - your #1 and #5 bases failed to attack. Could have won that war.
    War before that vs DARK_WARRIORS - looked like a fairly even match.

    Finally, watched your war attacks. I'd suggest you look into BoWitch or another TH10 meta attack. As an anchor TH10, you've got to be able to dispatch any TH9 with ease. All dragons vs. a TH11.10 is just not going to work.

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