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    I like:

    Luther (anything with Idris Alba is alright lol)
    Gentleman Jack
    Silicon Valley
    Alias (that's a bit old now but if you can find it, worth a watch)
    Doctor Who
    Burn Notice
    Person of Interest
    The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
    Broadchurch is one of my favorites
    Halt and Catch Fire is one of my faves
    I love Orange is the New Black (not sure about that finale though)
    I've been watching Grey's Anatomy since it started and it's one of my faves
    Orphan Black is good but I haven't seen the last season

    Some comedies I love:

    Still Game
    Chewin' the Fat

    All of those are funny

    *I liked Downton Abbey a lot.

    *I thought Game of Thrones was overrated but did like the last season, which as far as I have seen is so not the norm LOL.

    *Peaky Blinders is good but not great but have yet to watch the last 2 or 3 seasons.

    *Isn't there a British House of Cards, as in that one being the original? Not sure which one OP watched but I tried the American one, no thanks.

    * Doctor Foster was amazing! *spoiler alert* Then the finale came and ruined something incredible. What were they thinking with that horrible finale?
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    Quote Originally Posted by willow1 View Post
    Loved Firefly and the film Serenity, have them on DVD and have watched them many times
    Me too!!!😁

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    Supernatural and Teenwolf

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    Banshee is such a great series and a lot dont know about it. Adult content so not for children


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