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Thread: Raw Crystals Cost. Am I Missing Something?

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    Raw Crystals Cost. Am I Missing Something?

    Just went to make one last purchase of Raw Crystals at a cost of 6500 Wood but my storage is maxed out at 6452. How does that work?
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    You need to trade some tickets for more resources, the resources from the trader enable you to hold more resources than your storage

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    Cost of crystals is a nonbounded incremental cost after each purchase, without regards to storage capacity. Any Trader Deal or Trader Chest will temporarily increase storages as needed to guarantee you get the full deal amount. Hence, through the Trader one can purchase raw crystals at higher cost than storage maximums allow.
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    Thanks guys but I don't mean the trader, I mean on the map. Can't purchase without the full 6K wood and I can't increase it because the trader isn't selling it. Just seems like a stupid game flaw to me

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    When trading tickets for token, you also get resources in the crate. That is what pangtastic and rowman were talking about. Resources gained from those trades will be saved, even if you do not have enough storage to hold it.
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    With only a few more hours to go, are you sure you want the 6500 trade for 100 crystals?
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    Yyzboomer has a good point. The 6.5M cost wonít be a big factor once you max out all tribes which Iím guessing you havenít. It is possible to max out your raw crystal storage without spending more than 6M on any single resource.

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