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Thread: Change the way troops rereat

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    Change the way troops rereat

    What will be very nice is that we can make the troops retreat the way they came. Just like you flared them around the base and you want retreat but the direct route back to the landing craft is loaded with defenses and risk maximum or 100 % losses. I think the retreat option is to have as few losses as possible

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    Support for this idea is not likely, but using smoke after retreat is allowed and actually does work... provided you have the GBE for it.

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    As an aside, do you play Clash of Clans? I myself do. I have concluded that the most evident displays of Artificial Unintelligence are:
    1) Pathing by Boom Beach units during a retreat.
    2) Pathing by the Battle Machine when attacking in Clash of Clans Builder Base.

    Even though I understand the mechanics of why they path as they do, I still want to beat my head against the wall crying Why? Why must it be like that????
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