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Thread: Rocket launchers ignore Bullit

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    Rocket launchers ignore Bullit

    At least during TF ops I have noticed that RLs often ignore (momentarily and randomly) Bullit. They instead aim for troops behind him, and this is even when outside the blind area of the RLs. This is especially evident when zookas are behind him. Anybody else seeing this? I have screenshots but can’t upload right now because there’s no attach button on mobile.

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    Been like this for a while now without being fixed. If bullit comes from behind troops, meaning the normal troops were already being focused on, the rockets fail to change target to bullit.

    But.. if you have a critter left, throw it in front of bullit the rocket will destroy them, then afterwards correctly focus on bullit.

    I know its annoying but little else you can do until they fix it, if at all. The temp gunboat ability turrets had the same issue, which sort of defeated one of the main benefits of them.
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