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Thread: BuilderHall 9 is Coming?

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    They should probably fix all the problems with the AI before they go to BH9...that should be the least of their concern. Let's see if common sense prevails at Supercell

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    Please no BH 9!
    So much work must be done on this 2nd village.
    Make the AI a little bit more intelligent first.

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    Not anytime soon. Probably end of year or next year, not before that for sure!

    PS: forgot to mention #BurnTheBoat
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    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowBkk View Post
    Please no BH 9!
    So much work must be done on this 2nd village.
    Totally agree, especially that these walls are taken ages in BH8. I'd like to be able to enjoy some time just playing without having to farm.
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    I'd like to see them fix the clouds on main base before new BB content.

    That said I suspect builder hall L9 will be out sooner than some expect as many F2P are very near to maxing out BH8 content except for wall. I know I only have a couple weeks left before I'm down to nothing but walls.
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    I hope it's not for at least a few months. I want to be maxed on defenses and at least work on getting some walls up before the next base comes out.

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