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    not one moderator SC wrote back

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    For those who want to see the Polish language added in the game, I suggest you write letters and send them to the address below in Finland. Good luck.

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    The response most recent I could find is posted here. I found many requests and responses from moderators as well
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    It would be so helpful and amazing to have the Polish language in the game it would help so many users who are lacking in the English language, I hope it would come to your attention that many of us are hoping to have this option in the game and that it would be added in to your next game update, kind regards, Lidia from Gospoda PL neighborhood.

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    thanks to the Polish language, many players will start to play in this also younger ones who do not know other languages. If we need a translator, we can help ;-)

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    Hello! Many people from Poland play this game. Many of us lack the Polish language in the game: ((Please add Polish to the game!

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    Quote Originally Posted by olatoma View Post
    We will be very pleased if Hay Day will finally have a Polish language version.

    For many years you have many Polish players (like me, for example). However, even more give up the game for language reasons. It would be great if SC finally took care of Poles (population of almost 38M) as for the Danes (population of almost 6M)

    Several Polish neighborhoods have their place in TOP (Gospoda PL had the 25th place 0f its time)
    We are very active and it is probably a good reasone to finally give you another reasone to translate Hay Day into Polish.

    the Polish Hay Day community.
    I really like to play this game but I miss the Polish language. Please, add it

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    I Just want to Say... Make hay day in Polish language please! It Will help US...

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    Please add the Polish language. We very the best players in Poland. Thank you😄

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    Hi! I think it's time for Polish language in this game. It's a lot of players from Poland, and you should show how much you appreciate us.

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