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Thread: Problems with members in the clan

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    Problems with members in the clan

    I just started a new clan to do 5vs5 wars with myself. I didn't plan to start getting members into the clan but then, spontaneously I started recruiting. I have now faced some problems that I don't know how to handle, since I have always been in high level war Clans where these problems don't exist. One of my first members showed that he really wanted to help out by inviting people and being really active in the chat so I promoted him to co-leader in a few days. I gave him lots of responsibilities, since I thought he could really help me with the clan. However, he hasn't done as well as I expected. He is spamming the the clan mails and being rude to new members. When I logged on today, the chat was a complete kindergarten, where the mentioned member that I promoted to co was fighting with other members. I stayed for an hour and tried to make everyone calm down and make them talk about other things like the next clan war, but it was literally impossible. It ended with that some members (probably adults) had enough and left the clan and I just logged of because I didn't know what to do. Also, there is another member in the clan that doesn't speak good english. He is spamming the chat, repeats the same questions and I have to answer them over and over again. He also talks about personal problems with drugs in real Life, which is really annoying for the others. I am trying to be nice to everyone, but the situation in the clan has escalated. I would appreciate if you could give me some advice on how to handle these members and make the clan more enjoyable for everyone.
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    They are cancer, cut them out.

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    You have to show them you are the boss. Kick your Co leader out and explain in the chat that rude behaviour will not be tolerated.
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    Demote or kick the troublemakers. This will show all other members that you're serious about the expected behavior from members who wish to remain in the clan.

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    Your the Leader, Lead.

    Protect those that do the right thing, kick out those that don't.
    Simple really.

    You have to remember there are millions of clashers out there looking for a good Clan to call home.
    Grow your Clan slowly so don't promote peeps unless they really deserve it, it's earnt not given.

    Good Luck
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    Zennet is right, even if you previously thought someone was useful, the second that go power tripping you have to nip it in the bud. If you tolerate garbage behavior you will lose your good members, which it seems has already started to happen. That's too bad. Honestly I would have demoted the Co immediately to member and any continued abuse would result in a boot. Unsure why you didn't do this. This would have earned you a great deal of respect from your good members.
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    Thanks a lot for the advice everyone! I didn't expect so many helpful well-written replies! I will warn the troublemakers before i kick them out!

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    Demote ur colander to member and kick out the foreigner

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