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Thread: Where are the 400 point tasks in the birthday derby-7/7/18

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    Where are the 400 point tasks in the birthday derby-7/7/18

    ��The birthday derby is a special derby to celebrate hay days 6th birthday. horseshoe reward contain newly designed fences to decorate your farm. 400 point tasks are suppose to spawn but.....oh no! Where are they?��

    Theres only 2-3 400 point derby tasks spawning each day.....

    In our neighbourhood we are getting mostly helping tasks, mining tasks and fishing tasks... we should be getting 400 point town tasks and production tasks..��⁉️

    Reply to this post letting me know what your opinion is on the birthday derby and what kind of tasks your hood is spawning!
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    Our hood was very disappointed in tasks for this weeks birthday derby. Hardly any high scoring tasks at all. In fact mainly very low scoring tasks were filling the board. Most of our hood were still trying to finish half an hour before derby ended. Bad week for us. Thankfully the birthday derby is only once a year ��

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    Mostly basket tasks for my hood. It was annoying as maybe two of these popped up as 400 point tasks Join the Discord to collaborate with helpful farmers and neighbourhood
    Everyone is welcome and we will be more than happy to have you!

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    Mostly town tasks for us but there were plenty of them. Certainly no lack of 400pt tasks here
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