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    Nice thread OP... somehow, its remained civil as well.
    Just read most of the posts and there are some strange reasons given for why people want stuff removing.

    Not sure there's any feature of the game I wouldn't miss if it was removed. Not all of the features would affect me personally, should they be removed but they would affect friends I have who play.

    I am also not so ignorant as to want things removing I don't use, such as friendly wars because I know it serves an excellent purpose for some clans.

    Even the small things that you don't think have a purpose, actually do to some clashers.
    For example, the recommended target in wars is used by some clans to help determine offensive strength.

    Heck, even the BHB serves a purpose to some - its a fast way to earn clan game points for me but may be a nice time killer for some whilst they wait for their army to finish cooking.

    What I am saying is I actually think SC have got the game just about right presently. (The common cloud issue aside).
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    I think this is a good thread, similar to a poll. Consider it a feedback from the community to SC.

    For me, I wouldn't miss Builder Base if it was removed, if it stays the way it is now.

    Friend feature should also be removed. And I don't really need to see the number of "eyes" that are watching my war attack.

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    Revenge. Absolutely useless.

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    Don't think I saw this in the thread but the suggested upgrades list. Most of its suggestions provide the least tactical value.

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    24 hr cool down for FC when you change your base.

    I get why it's needed, it just sucks when your clan isn't even warring and you're still affected by it.

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    Builder Base.
    League Rankings.

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    That League chart... when you tap on that Trophy Cup icon.

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    i don't why people want bb to be removed
    they already spent time on it, might as well enjoy the free gems
    xp and league ranking for me
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    Builder base

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    The thread is not about a feature you want to remove, but a feature you won't miss if it was removed.

    The cooldown time between enforcement requests, especially when boosting.

    The revenge button, I think I managed to revenge once and my attack failed misserable because the base was much too strong. It is much easier to attack someone else.

    The league overview with the 99 other random players.

    Global chat is really not adding anything, writting with random people you will never see again, quite odd feature.

    The ordering of the troops when setting up quick training.

    The preservation of empty troop slots when attacking

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