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Thread: Which horseshoes give fence decos in Birthday derby?

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    Question Which horseshoes give fence decos in Birthday derby?

    Hi everyone,

    My hood of two farms has earned 8 horseshoes. Both hoodies have fence decos (3 of each kind) in horseshoes 2, 4 and 6 but not in horseshoe 8.

    I am wondering if this is the same for everybody? I am trying to work out if there will be any point in paying to shuffle horseshoe prizes to try to gain more fence decos.

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    Three of us opted in and I got fences only at horseshoes #2, 4, 6 and none at 8. I was actually hoping for expansion permits/scrolls which usually show up at #4 and 7. I doubt that reshuffling will give me permits at #4...possibly at #7. I haven't decided yet whether to spend diamonds hoping for just one permit at #7. I already have these fences from previous diamond purchases so I am not that eager to get more. However, I am sure others are happy to get so will make quite a nice long fence!

    One word of warning...yes, just a personal opinion...I didn't like the pencil fence because they were so high that I could not easily see over the fence. Color pencils don't seem to fit in a farm anyway. I resorted to putting the fence at the edge of the roads so it doesn't block out some of my farm area. Pretty, I must admit, but doesn't really fit my themes.

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    My hoodies and I only have fences in 2, 4, and 6 as well. Not sure about the shuffle. Maybe someone will try and post before you pick up your derby prizes.
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    Thanks for your replies.

    When they popped up in 2, 4 and 6, I expected them in horseshoe 8 also.

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    Three horseshoes with fences, what a waste

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaosDenmark View Post
    Three horseshoes with fences, what a waste
    Everyone is different I guess, but I was more than happy with the 9 flower fences. I know I can get permits and other expansion tools from most other derbies, so having this was for me a nice change.
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