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Thread: Maximum count of highest tasks in process and on the Board

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    Quote Originally Posted by purpleclove View Post
    In a themed derby, if 4 hoodies are working on 400 points tasks (basket tasks), will there be anymore 400 points tasks showing up on tha board?
    you still have the chance for 4x production and 4x fishing tasks to appear on the board, these can be 400 points if you are patient/lucky/trash lots. You won’t get another basket task until someone completes one
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    Thanks Steve. the hood that i’m in doesn’t get much 400 points tasks in any category or any themed derby so i’m still trying to figure out how to improve. Done lots of trashing and it just hit me that it is always only 4x400 running. When one of these players finished a task, a new 400 will then make its appearance ��

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