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Thread: Looking for a task force

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    Exclamation Looking for a task force

    just looking for an active task force who does operations
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    I have 88 victory points. Headquarters 7

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    Check out phantom boom we allow any type of loadout and were active with daily ops it your interested then check out phantom boom #9UG0PGRL

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    Hi StevenSquad,

    a few of us experienced members level 60-65 broke off from a 50 man TF to start a new TF - Canadian 8227. We just expanded to a 25 man TF and have spots open for new members at all levels.

    We welcome all Canadians and friends. We're an easy going, no drama, friendly, adult, competitive crew! Do the daily OPs, get some intel, be respectful and you stay in good standing.

    Come check us out and see if Canadian 8337 is right for you!

    Canadian 8227 #9U200VUL
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    Hey we at The Ascendancy are a good group of people looking for a few more actives for ops. Come swing by and see if you are a good fit! #9u0g9lyy

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    Hello steven come join Playa Nation we run ops back to back. Check our stats, stats don't lie. I have Playa Nation and Playa Nation 2.

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    Ceck out Wardell Mudcrab.
    Daily ops at 8pm Central everyday. CC or DE

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    Friendly TaskForce

    TF: Banana Origin
    Task Force Tag:#9U2JGRQY

    5 man team (Looking to expand)
    Daily Operations (Always pushing up lvl)
    Current members are all LVL 65 and good Zooka Skills.
    Looking to compete and push up leader board, but not over serious.

    -Majority Purple & Red Statues
    -500 VP minimum
    -Reasonable amount of Intel per week (no fixed minimum)
    -Must attack EVERY OP
    -Must be able to cooperate with other players and speak some English (the “other things”)

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    25 member team looking for active players who play daily and will participate in the daily operation, READ BASE NOTES and GATHERE INTEL. Our task force is very active, we communicate frequently and do OP EVERY DAY!!! Minimum VP 300 to join. Our task force name is Bone Crusher 87 leader name is Kingpin...or our TF pin is#2V9YPVRJ

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