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Thread: Everspark hacking bug

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    Everspark hacking bug


    When using Everspark hacking, you launch the hack under cover (smoke), you throw a flare to point what you want to destroy. That works great but ... when everspark is hitten by a shock blaster (after the first smoke ends and before the second one arrives), she will forget to stay under cover and will follow the flare used to point what you want to destroy. That's a bug.


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    That's a bug that's been around for a while, and she doesn't have to be hit by a shock to leave the smoke!

    I used to get this bug from time to time, but now that you mention it, it's been so long since Spark did it to me or my tf that I assumed it was fixed.

    I guess not! lol
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    That's not even her worst bug. When you use the remote your troops will just freeze and get wiped out. It's been going on forever. Why do they not fix these bugs?

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