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Thread: Clan recruitment help

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    Join my clan we have 18 spots and we can take you guys in. We're loyal b/c we all know each other in real life and help the low level people.
    Whts ur clan perk btw!?

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    Make sure to start a recruitment thread in the "looking for clanmates" section. We have found a lot of people that way.

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    My clan got real big real fast. We are only level 2 and we have 35 members, some fluctuating in and out. I started my clan, and went straight to recruiting. I'd switch globals until I found one that had some people who were looking for clan (just close out the app, swipe it away and open back up to switch globals) and pitched something like this: Hey! New clan here! I'm recruiting members to help us grow. Join up if you are feeling generous! Talk with people directly. I lucked out and had a guy leave his lvl 12 clan to help me grow my clan, lvl 120 th10. Don't just invite, make sure to create some sort of connection with the people you are recruiting. Once it starts going, it'll keep going.

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