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Thread: Where are the 400 tasks?

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    We've had tons of 400 tasks (only 3 people opted in though so doesn't take many). People who had 9x specific townies stacked were happy. The others: not so happy! Less trashing than normal.

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    We have 3 opting in this week and we were getting LOTS of 400-pt tasks, but they kept asking for the SAME visitors, over and over and over until all our support farms ran out! We finished within 24 hours of our start time but I was so desperate at the end that I spent diamonds to call in Eggspress train (something I had never done before) and that was getting me enough of the needed visitors. Finally I called one of the members by phone who had opted out...near midnight, and she provided enough salesmen so i could finish my 10th task. Why the hurry? I had 8 guests coming for July 4 crab feast and hubby was out of town so I had to handle it all. And, one hoodie had to take her baby to the hospital in he middle of it all. Here is the total count....

    We served 41 salesmen, 33 dancers, 32 grandmasters, 24 teachers and 19 some other townies. This was a toughie!!

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    Same here. 20 opted in. fewer tasks that were above 320, not to mention where have all the 400 pts tasks gone to???

    one of the worst derby ever.
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    odd that so many struggle with this derby we have pretty normal drop of 400 finishing really early

    also really liked it and yes the prizes too

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    Not a funny birthday derby also for us. Lot of 363 points tasks but only a few 400. Sucks
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    Not a birthday fun at all for us. 16 players in derby and only 12 special tasks, 400 are very rare ��
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    We have 19 competing in Derby and have had very very few 400 tasks...we are taking anything above 320 so we can at least finish...

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