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Thread: Level 125 farmer looking for a new hood!

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    Might be a little much for me right now, I'll think about it! xx

    Quote Originally Posted by Paulettes View Post
    Rad I’m not sure you’d like ours as we do 10 x max, but it’s a lovely hood and I’d love for you to join us xx

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    Yes please Join us, we are a friendly group that does not tolerate drama and also take the derby seriously!

    More info about our No Moochers neighborhood down here.

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    If u r still looking check out our recruit thread I think u may be a good fit 😁

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    Check us out! Tag##22G8Y80 UFFTA MiNNESOTA
    We are an experienced hood of long time adult players.

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    Have you joined a team?

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    🍑Make your new home Peachy Plums...
    Hi I have started a nbh called Peachy Plums🍑
    I believe a game is made a game so it's suppose to be fun and enjoyable.
    Derbies are a nice social fun competitive thing to have are long as u you still having fun.😊☺
    So the aim of my hood is to have fun, helpful, slightly competitive, friendly, chatty and sharing is caring.
    If you choose to derby 1500+ will help earn bonuses.
    Join Peachy Plums 🍑
    Level 25 required
    Request to join
    Name: Peachy Plums
    Symbol: Purple Fox, Turquoise square
    Tag #9GGL8URJ
    Leader Just Peachy
    Kik me @ just88peachy for further questions...
    willing to drop level request up to 20.🍑😊😉

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    Join us

    Quote Originally Posted by Radstar View Post
    Hi! I'm looking for a neighborhood that is: helpful, good communication, does 9 tasks with a minimum of 310 points. 10th task optional. I am level 125 and I normally strive to do max points, but sometimes the week gets busy. Thanks!

    Hi...if you havenít found a hood yet, you are welcome to come and check Magna Rock out. There are only 2 of us active players who are chatty, very helpful, polite, no drama, engaging and friendly. We do not believe in getting stressed out so we are a relaxed hood. We take high 300ís to 400 point tasks; 10th is only on an as needed bases. Opting out is fine and a must if canít participate in its entirety. In all fairness, we expect everyone to complete all their tasks. We do not take advantage and always help each other. Foremost, we are team players and believe in team work. No bullying is allowed. The door is opened so if you are interested, please feel free to check us out. 👋🏼😃

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    Hi Radstar, You are exactly what i am looking for, for my brand new NH of five weeks
    Currently a Championship league as of this weeks derby
    I always do 320 and 400 point tasks i chat mostly at night but im on and off during the day to help.
    Im currently playing with my 10 year old neice
    Desperately looking for some adult help to grow my neighborhood.
    If you wish to join me i will make you co leader upon joining
    Very excited to meet you soon!

    Starlight Farms
    Blue star background/pink horse

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    ♥Hi Radstar- are you still looking for a NH? We are a new NH but we are a collection of very active players that will get to the Champions League. Check out our compostition of players. We are a lot of top level players looking for a couple of players to help. Forever Summer #P9LVLQJY. Also check out our ad;?p=11803936

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    Please check out our hood ♡LOVING LIFT AFTER 50♡

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