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Thread: Looking for a task force

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    Looking for a task force

    High level 10 offensive statues. 150+ weekly Intel. Experience in high level ops.

    I am leaving a top lb task force to go to a task force where I can stock up more on power powder and diamonds.

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    We have spaces in some of our TF if you are interested.

    Phoenix dawn has a couple spaces doing CC daily, it’s a 25 man TF. not sure if that is the level you are looking at, but we have a few TF with details on OP level in our recruitment thread
    Main. TD 30, 13, 13, 13 GBE: 39, 17, 17, 17, 17, 17:
    Mini GBE 41, 17, 16, 16 RR 45 PSC 74 TH 27 TD 25; 13
    Quote Originally Posted by Pinqing View Post
    "High level players" isn't an elite cult, it's a stage in the game that people reach, high vp, high ops, any of those or more.

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    take a look "the soldiers rc" doing easy OP /stronghold) or "vaapad Masters" doing DE and the occasional DC /// both 25 man

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    Task force “letsdothis” is a fun bunch of Boom Beach addicts! Task force Tag #22CLYCPG
    Ops almost nonstop! Mostly choke point and Curtain Call. 86% win rate! Great prizes all the time

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    Small group for you to stock diamonds/powder. Daily Ops.
    Quiet 5-man.
    Hitting Mambo/Sour Grapes.

    Task Force name: Alpha One
    Task Force tag: #9CCL8VLU
    Link to Task Force:

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    Hard rock miner, #2lcv2uuy

    We have a thread going under task force recruitment. Says what we're looking for.


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    Check out Wardell Mudcrab

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    Come check us out at *Schitty walk* op starting soon AZ rules

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    Mojosprayer. 25 man with 11 solid players split from a larger group and are building a new better one. We are not doing levels that you need to boost for yet because we don't have the Intel. Might be a good fit come and check it out.

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