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Thread: Looking to help out a tf

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    Looking to help out a tf

    Hi im lvl 65 very active 80+ intel a week looking to get stuck in with a lower lvl tf to help develop ops around stronghold.

    Uk only any size hoping to be very incolved with tactial help and general running of the tf

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    Hey Jason..”The Red Fort”...
    Tf tag#9J20Y8JP..would love to get some help..recently kicked many inactive we are a little low on members...daily ops..start time 4 pm GMT....doing ops between tinder to stronghold...its an active & ambitious group...looking forward to see you there...
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    take a look "the soldiers rc"

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    Check out phantom boom

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    Hard rock miner, #2lcv2uuy

    We have a thread going under task force recruitment. It says what we're looking for.


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    My Task Force is based in the UK. We currently have 273 Intel due to 4 people leaving recently (they were seeking "bigger opportunities"). We will start daily operations when we get more people (we currently have 6/10 players, although one of those six is my other, weak account).

    If you're interested, take a quick look over my post: - all details are outlined here.

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    Active players only!!!!We are a 25 member team looking for active players who play daily and will participate in the daily operation, READ BASE NOTES and GATHERE INTEL. Our task force is very active, we communicate frequently and do OP EVERY DAY!!! Minimum VP 400 to join. Our task force name is Bone Crusher 87 leader name is Kingpin...or our TF pin is#2V9YPVRJ

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