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    FEPA vs EYGF Event

    In-Game-Name: CWKuhlman96
    Player#: 8Q2YVLR2C
    Th lvl: 11 (New)
    Heroes now: BK 40 AQ 44 GW 5
    Prognosed for event: 40 / 45 / 10
    defences: max for TH10
    Troops: max for TH10
    signing up for: participation, organization and donations

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    Senior Member RajaShukla's Avatar
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    Nov 2017
    In Forum Games...Learning SCUM HUNTING :)
    Forum ID: Raja Shukla
    In-Game-Name: Raja
    Player#: #U2YRPJQY
    Th lvl:10
    Heroes now: BK 40 AQ 40
    Prognosed for event: 40/40
    Defences now: Max for Th 10
    Troops now: Max for Th 10
    Signing up for: Participation, Learning and Winning

    Quote Originally Posted by Sammy Under A Mistletoe View Post
    He was scum in the last game and was MvP as well.
    His performances so far in 2-3 other TvMs as town has been applauded by most, if not all.
    He is Raja with a bonafide applaudable track record thus far.
    In a nutshell, Raja has been hailed as a credible and strong player so far.
    - Sammy

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    Dec 2013
    The Alps
    Thanks all for signing up so far !!! A special thank you to the Th11s
    Rosters will be updated soon.

    Sign ups will stay open until a week before the event.

    Have Fun

    high end TH12, lvl 211 60/60/30
    2014 Review-Video , Free download, printable stats booklet

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    Dec 2013
    The Alps
    Hi all !
    Thanks all who signed up sofar, you're all listed in post#2 and added to the spread sheet.
    And a big applause to all the Th 11s, they will all be relatively fresh and it's a big deal going to a war event like that, congrats !!

    atm we have
    15 sign ups at Th 12 (half the spots are taken !!!)
    5 at Th 11
    8 at Th 10
    9 at Th 9

    I have added a link for all to view the current sign up sheet which will also include current standings as the event progresses.
    Sign up will stay open until the first Monday in August.

    Have Fun
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    high end TH12, lvl 211 60/60/30
    2014 Review-Video , Free download, printable stats booklet

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    Apr 2017
    Forum ID: Russianmob305
    In-Game-Name: Russianmb
    Player#: #80QYJV8CR
    Th lvl: 12
    Heroes now: BK 38 AQ 55 GW 17
    Prognosed for event: 40 / 57 / 20
    defences now: max for Th11 (with lv 1 infernos, TH12 5 star, eagle lv3
    Troops now: max for Th11, & max bowlers, electro drags, miners, hogs
    signing up for: participation, testing my skills

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    Jun 2018
    Forum ID: RogueJynErso
    In-Game Name: AJ
    Player tag: #80GL0P8JR
    Town Hall level: 10
    Heroes now: Barbarian King - 39, Archer Queen - 32
    Prognosed for event: Barbarian King - 40, Archer Queen - 35.
    Defenses: Low 10 / all Town Hall 9 defenses except all level 11 Walls and two level 3 Inferno Towers and all level 4 Giant Bombs.
    Troops: Bowler, Witch, Giant, Golem, Rage Spell, Jump Spell, and Healing Spell max for Town Hall 10.
    Signing up for: participation
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    Jun 2018
    Forum ID: AhsanAK1M2K
    In-Game-Name: MS
    Player#: #9Y2CPR2P0
    Th lvl: 11
    Heroes now: BK 49 AQ 49 GW 16
    Prognosed for event: 50 / 50/ 20
    defences: High 10 / low 11( no inf)
    Troops: Mid 11( hogs,witch, bowls,healer, lava,loons,)
    signing up for: participation and donation (both)
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    Trainee Disfunctional's Avatar
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    Jul 2013
    Forum ID: Disfunctional
    In-Game-Name: Sinfully FUN
    Player#: 2Y0RC0290
    Th lvl: new TH11
    Heroes now: BK 40 AQ 47 GW 5
    Prognosed for event: 40 / 50 / 10
    defences: max for TH10 + L1 EA + TH11 teslas, 1 L4 IT
    Troops: max bowlers, witches

    signing up for: Want to help with pushing xp for ‘Forum Events’ clan and donations.

    I have a clan member who would also like to sign up but having problem with his forum login. He has asked me to sign him up on his behalf.

    In-Game-Name: White Hammer
    Player#: 2QQQV89PPye
    Th lvl: new TH10
    Heroes now: BK 17 AQ 32
    Prognosed for event: 20/33
    defences: Almost max for TH10
    Troops: max TH10
    signing up for: participation and can help with some donations

    PS: Please let me know if the way I signed up for my clan member is allowed.
    Thank you.

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    The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits! (Albert Einstein)

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    Forum ID: Tanis12
    In-Game-Name: Tanis
    Player#: 9JUPGVUO
    Th lvl: TH11
    Heroes now: BK 50 AQ 50 GW 20
    Prognosed for event: 50 / 50 / 20
    defences: max for TH11 minus 7 cannons, and 4 mortors
    Troops: max everything except Barb's, arch, wb, bd, miners, heal, clone, freeze, skeleton
    signing up for: practice wars, and troop donations

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    Millennial Club SuperKai's Avatar
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    Jan 2017
    Smirking my way through life
    We already have 43 sign-ups, only 77 to go.

    Keep them coming.
    Accounts: (New TH11: 40/44/8) (Mid TH10: 35/35) (TH11: ex-defenceless)

    Looking for a good clan with non-stop war? Check out Warrior 888, we are a level 14 English speaking war clan, part of the Strong Rebels push/war family. #Q9VUQ
    Credits for the awesome sig and avatar goes to Planck, check out his shop Here.

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