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Thread: Finding information on a particular farm

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    Finding information on a particular farm

    This may be a crazy question....

    I ran across a farm in the paper... the name of the lady is Jutta Johnson.... this is the name of one of my mom and dads friends back in their US Navy days... both of my parents have passed away now, and I would really like to see if this is in fact their friend. Her husband was a shipmate of my dad.

    They speak German

    Does anyone have an idea of how I might ask?
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    Did you think to hit the ‘+’ sign to add her as a friend? If you did, you could try watching for her farm to need help and then create a message for her by changing your farm name, i.e. do u know ‘joe smith’? Or pm me on forum - if your forum name is the same as your farm name.

    As far as SC releasing that information, that would most likely be a big no.

    Good luck! And I hope you find a way.
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