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Thread: Level 65 player

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    Level 65 player

    Hi I'm looking for a new active task force.

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    Try Deep Black Ops2. Quite a few maxed players. 25 man TF doing CP and CC. No drama, very friendly and very active. The TF tag is in my signature.
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    Hey Guil
    Check out “The Red Fort”
    Tf tag #9G20Y8JP...
    We are an active group..looking for active and permanent members...recently kicked out a few inactive members so in serious need of some help..daily ops...op timing 4 pm GMT...its a perfect place to call it a home..join us..together we build the best

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    Chill 5-man. Daily Ops.
    Quiet group.
    Hitting Mambo/Sour Grapes.

    Task Force name: Alpha One
    Task Force tag: #9CCL8VLU
    Link to Task Force:

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    Check out Wardell Mudcrab

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    Kinda nice😁 , Not having to do this Forum thing anymore...

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    Oxford allstars are a mid range 50 man task force, no issue with intel, hitting curtain call at the moment as lots of us are practicing AZ

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    My Task Force is based in the UK, currently holding 241 Intel due to 4 people leaving (1 person had 3 accounts) in the past week or so. I only know why that other 1 person left and that's because they were seeking "bigger things". If/when we get enough people, operations will commence daily..

    If you're interested, take a quick look over my post: - all details are outlined here.

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    Task force “letsdothis” is a fun bunch of Boom Beach addicts! Task force Tag #22CLYCPG
    Ops almost nonstop! Mostly choke point and Curtain Call. 86% win rate! Great prizes all the time

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    Hi I've just set up a 25man tf got 11 so far only a day old looking for players

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