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Thread: Crazy person won’t leave my neighborhood alone

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    Crazy person won’t leave my neighborhood alone

    I had to kick out a person because they kicked out a new member for no reason (they where co-leader) and now they keep coming back and harassing my neighborhood. If I put the level too high or set the neighborhood to request to join I can’t get new members. Does anyone have any idea of what I could do to stop them from bothering my neighborhood?

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    Maybe take a screenshot of their farm, sometimes members will change their farm name so hoodies don’t realize they came back... Seems like you don’t want to.. But I’ve stopped bumping in forum, and made my hood ‘invite only’ for a week or two.. Just to force them to move on.. Then when I feel comfortable about it, I change back the setting and start to bump again so I can get newbies..

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    Wouldn’t it be a neat feature for a leader to be able to block a toublesome Farm from the neighbourhood.

    You’re not the only leader to have problems with a stalking farm, sadly it’s quite common. All you can really do is what Pochacco suggests, restrict your hood access to at least request to join, keep whatever details you can on the troublesome farm and ensure nobody else accepts new members but you.
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    I have had a couple of people do this too. I normally raise the level over what they are for a week or so. Must say that has worked for us. My hood are good at spotting the same farm joining us again under another name. Hope you find a way to sort this.

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    I’ve suggested the blocking people from neighborhoods to the suggestions forum. I really hope they add it. This is the third person that has stalked my neighborhood this way. It really takes a lot of fun out of the game. Also, that was a good idea Pochacco, I took a screenshot of them. Thanks 😄

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    I’ve had my share of this and know exactly what you’re going through. In time they will move on, until then it’s unfair and intimidatory that you have to endure the fool. I felt very intimidated by my hood stalker, and had it been in person I’m sure I could have instigated police action it got that bad (there are laws against stalking!)
    its high time Supercell addresses this instead of taking the ostrich approach. They are after all responsible for members well being whilst in game play - aren’t they....
    Good luck, I hope you get it sorted soon.

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    If someone requests to join your hood and you ignore the request, like neither accept it or deny it, can the player request to join again? Join the Discord to collaborate with helpful farmers and neighbourhood
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