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Thread: Blossom tasks feedback

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    Blossom tasks feedback

    This time event unfair for NH that have 2 player doing the blossom deby task .Every player can do once task for blossom task. There are total of four task and give each player can do one times for player doing task.
    Compare other NH have 4 player etc to do blossom task.

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    It's not really unfair as every other neighbourhood will have the same amount of opted in players. You can choose to trash a blossom task if it will take too long. I also have 2 opted in and maximum number of points will be 6700. We still have 2 tasks to take and have only taken blossom tasks. Looking at the leaderboard none of the other top 3 have done this so it's really a matter of being patient in this particular Derby and yes, it will take longer(rather than finishing on the Thursday)

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    we are a 2 players NH, we had the 1st place cause we have made 6700, the maximum ... most of the week, we were between 10-13th place ... and then saterday on our 8 and 9th tasks, we were upping all over ... and the 10th finished that ...

    But, yes as already said, it's a matter of patience AND complementarity with you and yout nhmate ... lower, but higher ... ;-) ...
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    We had 4 people in the derby so each person got to do each task once. It was pretty fun overall. I don't think I'd change a thing.

    It is a little bit distressing... we played so well, we stayed in first place for the first 4 days. Sadly, as soon as we finished, other teams caught up, then spent diamonds to pass us. We finished in 5th place with a perfect score.

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    I really liked the change up of the blossom tasks. Our hood did OK, but I think will do even better next time. It was all new this first time. Didn’t expect the tasks to keep coming back repeatedly at 400.

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